ezV is designed to help learners speak Vietnamese after three months.



Professional course design helps you gradually become familiar with and master a new language



Lively and practical courses makes it easy to practice in real life.



Private Tutor service helps you accelerate and complete the course favorably.


Forms of tutors’ support

  • Online support: Tutors give feedback, answer questions, remind and encourage learners.
  • Online teaching: Tutors teach learners in virtual classrooms.
  • Classroom teaching: Tutors teach learners in ezV language center.
  • Tutors teach learners in their own houses, or in their companies.

Program design makes it easy to absorb new lessons and remember them for a long time

1 Course contents are lively enough for you to practice in real life
2 Vocabulary web helps to connect new words with old ones, as well as makes a distinction between functional words and content words
Listen to every vocabulary pronunciation
3 A wide collection of exercises helps learners reinforce new word
4 Grammar is presented briefly enough to understand easily

The exercises are designed for learners to develop all skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.


Listening exercises


Reading exercises

  • Wide collections of materials.
  • Lively visual exercises

Help learners to maximize the listening and reading comprehension in Vietnamese.


Speaking exercises

Online voice recorder supports learners to practice their pronunciation and improve speaking skill.


Writing exercises

Screen Keyboard and guidelines make learners confident of typing and writing Vietnamese.

Support tools help students review each lesson anytime

With a computer and the internet, you can review lessons by using flash cards
Without a computer, you may review and listen to contents by using a mp3 or a cell phone
If your cell phone is out of battery, you can review by reading a print of PDF file
The fully made dictionary helps students easily look up the semantic meaning of words and hear the clear pronunciation of these words

Discussion forum helps you quickly answer any questions about the lesson.

  • Share
  • Comment
  • Suggest
  • You do not understand the grammar points in the unit? Just write down.
  • You want to know how to say in a different way? Feel free to post your questions.
  • You want to suggest a new theme for the course? Thank you, we may design new lessons as you suggest.

Reference library will meet the needs of most diligent students

  • There’s no need to wait for practice with a patient teacher, you can get a pronunciation drill every day without fear of annoying others.
  • Grammar table index will help you do more research about Vietnamese grammar if you're interested.
  • Additional reading materials for each unit will support you to review or extend the content.

Report objectively all data related to your studies

  • You can know the exact number of words you have accumulated.
  • You can realize how many hours you have spent on studying.
  • You can clearly monitor the progress of your learning through diagrams of test results.